Certified Piping Management Consultant

What Does a Piping Designer Do ?

Piping designers draft plans and drawings for the construction, operation, and layout of piping systems. These systems are responsible for moving utility resources, such as water, sewage, petroleum, and natural gas.

Piping engineer roles & responsibilities

We’re looking for piping engineers with experience in the oil and gas sector. You’ll be expected to work closely with other engineers and designers, communicate effectively and successfully manage deadlines and costs. You’ll also oversee or provide input on specification, procurement, construction and maintenance. Regardless of your specific area of expertise, WTS will work closely with you to find a suitable piping engineer role.

Scope of Piping Engineering for a Mechanical Engineer

Piping Engineering is a specialized discipline in engineering that deals with planning and layout of a robust piping system to effectively transport fluids, from one point to the other within a process plant or building.