Refund Policy

Thanks for purchasing our products / Educational Course (or subscribing to our services) at operated by CEINDIA.

We are not responsible for the customer’s negligence of the products they purchased, However, we will try to resolve your concern in best possible way. We suggest you to make any purchase after going through the free trails or demo classes as per the requirement. Once you made your purchase, you cannot cancel your order or no refund will be there. We allow course change facility in CEINDIA  Education in case of exceptions and discussion with the management(T & C apply). For any other concern, you can reach out us on


This policy and guarantee is a relatively extreme example, but Amazing has dialed in their numbers and proven their course to be successful, so it is a policy they can offer with confidence.

Since their course teaches people how to make money by selling on Amazon, it just makes sense to refund the initial investment to unsuccessful students.

By promising all this, they appear incredibly confident about their program, and consequently, this improves their image as an authoritative and scam-free course.

Let’s deconstruct Amazing’s refund policy to understand how it works out to be a win-win, providing benefits to both their business and their customers.

Their course appears to last more than 60 days, so even if you wait until the very end of the 30 days to request a refund, the most you can see is half of their content. This protects their business from the type of customer who thinks they can come in, see everything, and then plans to refund from the start, and likely won’t ever complete a course they purchase.