Chartered/ Certified/ Professional Titles

Chartered status is generally considered a Technical Qualification in a particular profession, in some fields professional bodies also offer lower level qualifications, such as Incorporated Engineer (IEng), Engineering Technician (EngTech) It should not be confused on this point with the senior membership grade of Fellow in many professional institutes and learned societies, which is usually a measure of achievement and/or standing in a profession rather than a professional qualification based on assessment of competencies.
Chartered status is a form of accreditation, with there being a grant of a protected title but no requirement to be chartered in order to practice a profession (making it distinct from licensing). In the UK and other countries that follow its model, the professional bodies overseeing chartered statuses have a duty to act in the public interest, rather than in the interests of their members, ensuring that chartered professionals must meet ethical standards of behavior. As a status, rather than simply a qualification, a chartered title may be removed for failure to adhere to codes of conduct, or lost through non-renewal. Someone who has lost the status may no longer describe themselves as chartered.
Many chartered statuses require initial academic preparation, normally to bachelor’s level but sometimes to master’s level (or equivalent experience) in engineering and scientific fields where an integrated master’s degree is the standard first degree. After completion of academic training, it is normal to have to complete Initial Professional Development (IPD), which may include professional courses and examinations, to gain the competencies necessary for chartered status. Many chartered statuses also have a requirement that holders undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to maintain and update their competencies.

Confederation of Engineers  is one of re-known organization,  number of professionals that operate under a self – regulations model.

In other words Chartered Titles are not regulated by Government but are monitored and inspected by their professional body of the Confederation of Engineers .

The grant of status of Chartered Title will be decided by the Governing Council of the Confederation of Engineers.